Over the past decade, I’ve been studying how different cultures understand and practice transformational change. Over the coming weeks, a new series of works will be published. The first piece, The Soil-Keeping to Regenerative Justice – 7 Principles was recently published by the Nonprofit Quarterly, Alliance Magazine, Kosmos Jounral, and the Grantmakers in the Arts Reader.

In June, Oxford’s Lively Worlds, ‘a think-and-do tank’ that aims to empower a socially and ecologically regenerative future published their inaugural Journal of Regenerative Theory and Practice. The journal features an expanded edition of my latest writing on soil keeping and how natural systems, of which we humans are an inherent part, provide an elegant blueprint for the just society to which we aspire.

These pieces describe the conceptual foundation for a new adaptive leadership venture. Rooted in the practice of soil keeping, this experiential learning journey which provides a compelling metaphor and practical lessons in how diverse partners can work together to foster emergence. A new experiential learning journey is under development and currently being piloted in multiple locations around the world. Stay tuned for more exciting details!

http://www.soilkeepers.org will go live in the coming weeks. Please feel free to contact Kiley@culturalstrategies.net with any questions you have in the meanwhile.