GCFF800Over the past 7 years, 49 organizations located throughout the country have participated in the Innovation Lab for the Arts, a rigorously designed and facilitated program that creates the space and conditions for cultural organizations to take risks, test new ideas, and strengthen their ability to adapt to change.

Since its inception, three national versions of the Lab have been launched, which include: The Innovation Labs for the Performing Arts, Museums, and Arts Development Agencies. Each Lab was created to strengthen the ability of nonprofits to design, prototype, and implement new ideas that address complex challenges facing the arts and culture sector at large.

I’ve been engaged by EmcArts look back across the program, capture learning, and create a resource on the emerging field of adaptive practice. This assessment will examine the ways the Lab has impacted participating arts organizations as well as its potential to support broader, cross-sector community initiatives.

Images courtesy of Performing Arts Lab Participants: Redmoon and Streb Lab for Action Mechanics