1% Program: Management Strategy & Organizational Development Consultant

1percent lgWorking in partnership with environmental design entrepreneur Olivia Teter, I provided Public Architecture with research, management strategy, and organizational development expertise with particular focus on the 1% Program. Public Architecture’s 1% Program is a groundbreaking initiative that provides pro bono design services to social-sector organizations. Working with the program’s leadership, Olivia and conducted an assessment of existing organizational capacity and the feasibility of a Design Service Model pilot, which would enable institutional foundations to incorporate the 1% Program and provide pro bono design support independent from (or in conjunction with) their financial investments. Our strategic recommendations have served to enhance Public Architecture’s strategic focus, organizational development objectives, and external partnerships. This work was conducted in collaboration with the Adobe, Ford, and Kresge Foundations who were gracious enough to participate in our study. This work has served to strengthen Public Architecture’s relationships with the philanthropic community, particularly with foundations interested in design-centric problem solving and community development.


Public Architecture 1% Camino Nuevo Charter Academy